The number of classes for a dog training program varies pending on the owner's goals and the dog's needs. Every class is personalized to work on the commands and behaviors that your dog will need to learn so you can establish a long lasting relationship of trust and respect with your companion!

An estimate may be given over the phone, but an initial evaluation is necessary to determine an exact price.

Contact us at 514-963-DOGS(3647) for more information!


With Saint-Lazare Dog Training, the classes we offer will help you understand your dog while developping your dog's respect for the commands as well as your dog's trust for you. Our classes are offered at your place in your own family's environment to help your dog evolve and enjoy working with you. Wether you need to work on a few undesired behaviors or wether you want to have a fully obedient dog, we can help you achieve your goals and give you the tools and knowledge to forge a long lasting relationship with the best possible companion for your family!

Each lesson is personalized according to what you and your dog needs to have a healthy relationship and that your dog learns to listen because he/she trusts and respects you and not because of fear. We recognize that each dog is unique and will will help you by using the best training methods for you and your dog!


As opposed to group classes, private classes have the strong advantage of not taking place in a staged environment. The dog will have the advantage of learning in his own environment in a more realistic setting.

We come to you so we can offer a personnalized service in your animal's environment and flexible schedules that will be adjusted pending on your needs and availability.


We garantee results!


Obedience classes are the best way to start a healthy relationship with your new puppy. It can also bring your dog back on track if it strays from its good manners. Training classes are also ideal to prevent and treat most undesireable dog behaviors. These classes are offered to all dogs regardless of age or breed. The number of classes vary in average from 4 to 6 weeks.

The basic program includes: (This training program varies pending on your needs)

-Correct on-leash walking without pulling with the heel command,

-commands sit/down with the stay command in every position,

-command come to return quickly when called,

-proper discipline maintaining the dog's trust,

-how to address and correct undesired behaviors,

-phone and email support to answer any questions you may have,

-any other commands that may help you and your dog!


Every training program is personalized according to what YOUR needs are. There are no minimal number of classes to sign up for to take classes and we give you the possibility to pay every class to make sure that you get the results YOU need!

We always focus our classes on teaching you and your dog the commands that will be useful and you will not be forced to sign up for a specific program where the dog would learn tricks that may not be of any use to you!

No matter the number of classes you take, there will always be a continuous support either by email, phone or text to help you if you have any questions regarding your dog and we will always make ourselves available to come back to work with you to perfect your dog's training or to treat any behavioral issues you may encounter down the road!


To give your dog a kick start, we offer the possibility to have your dog boarded with us for up to 3 weeks while we will train it daily.

Your dog will be worked for at least an hour every day and will be in contact with other dogs.

The dog must be at least 6 months old and the dog will work on the commands that the owner will want to work.

A meeting will be done in home prior to the training to determine what the owner wants to work with the dog and another one will be fixed after to go over everything the dog has learnt during the board and train period.




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